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Frequently asked Questions about BDSM
This is a great article full of helpful info for beginners. Please don’t immediately go to Fetlife until you have read the information at the link below

(if you don’t have a Fetlife account READ THIS FIRST)
Fetlife is the worlds largest online Kink Communty. People from all over the world with every interest you can imagine and probably many you have never thought of congregate here.

Learn about Limits
Limits are how you keep yourself safe and express what isn’t acceptable when scening with your partner. This article explains limits and their importance.

BDSM Terminology
Wikipedia’s BDSM Terminology page is a great resource and provides a much larger list of definitions than we could manage.

Cincinnati PEER
This is Cincinnati’s largest BDSM group. There is an annual membership and then additional fees for events. They have the biggest and best equipped play space in the area. The pictures on their website are NOT what their facilities look like.

Groups for Other Cities in Ohio
Cincinnati isn’t the only city in Ohio with a local BDSM community. If you live outside Cincinnati check out the link to find one near you.

The Submissive Guide YouTube tutorials
The Submissive Guide is a website written by a submissive woman. The website is full of ads and a bit hard to navigate but the videos on the YouTube channel are short and useful.

BDSM Dating
Before visiting any BDSM dating website please read our BDSM dating advice

To read our reviews of BDSM dating websites please check out our blog post
BDSM Dating Website Reviews